Control VLC Media Player on PC/Mac from Your Smartphone

Probably, You watch videos on your laptop or desktop. To play them, You just need a media player. It has no doubt that VLC is one of the best media players for windows. Because it’s completely free and it has a lot of features. But, Many users don’t know that they can easily control VLC media player on PC/Mac from android or iPhone. It means, Their smartphones will be like remote controllers.

Sometimes, You may feel tired. But, You need to watch a video on your PC’s bigger monitor. In that case, A wireless mouse or keyboard can help you. You can just go to bed, lay down and control your PC with that keyboard or mouse. But, Is it really super comfortable way to control VLC remotely? No. If you want to control the VLC player on PC/Mac more conveniently, You can make your smartphone a remote controller. It will give you more convenient ways to control everything.

Tips Control VLC Media Player on PC/Mac from Your Smartphone:

Controlling VLC media player remotely is really an easy thing. Don’t you believe it? You will understand it after reading this article.

There may be more than one way to use your PC’s VLC player remotely. But, The most popular way to do it is using a third-party mobile app. There are so many apps that can help you with it. You can easily find them in the play store, app store, or windows store by searching “remote control VLC” or any similar keywords. You should choose VLC remote controller app wisely. Because Many of them are free to download. But, When you are going to play anything, It will ask you to purchase to unlock the playing feature. You also should not pick any ordinary apps.

VLC Mobile Remote, VLC Remote Free, VLC Remote Plus are some popular apps. In this article, I’ll focus on them. Because These are being used by millions of users around the world. So, here are the full instructions, How to control a VLC media player on PC remotely with a smartphone.

But, Before getting started, You must have the latest stable version of VLC installed on your PC. If you don’t have it, Just download it from here: Then do these things in VLC player of PC or Mac.

  • At first, Open VLC in your PC or Mac.
  • Now, Press CTRL+P for Windows and Command+, for Mac from keyboard. It will open preferences window. But, You also can reach here by navigating to Tools > Preferences from VLC menu on Windows. For Mac, You can go to VLC Media Player > Preferences from the Menu.
configuring vlc for remote control scr 3
  • Then, Look at the bottom left corner. Mark All under Show settings section. For mac, just click on Show All. It will bring more advanced preference options before you.
configuring vlc for remote control scr 1
  • Now, Find and click on Main interfaces.
  • Then, Mark on Web like the screenshot.
  • After that, Expend main interfaces and click on Lua.
configuring vlc for remote control scr 2
  • Now, Give your preferred password in Lua HTTP section and then click on Save.
  • Now, Close VLC and re-open it. You may need to click on Allow access button, If it asks for windows firewall related permission.

If you already have configured the VLC media player according to my instructions, follow the next steps below.

Note: Make sure your PC and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Control VLC Media Player on Mac & PC from Android , Windows Phone and iPhone with “VLC Mobile Remote”:

When you want a solution that allows controlling VLC player of PC or Mac from windows phone, android, or iPhone, VLC mobile remote is the perfect app. Because It is available on all these platforms. Here are the instructions to use it.

configuring vlc remote mobile iphone
  • First of all, Install VLC Mobile Remote in your smartphone. These are the links for specific platforms.

App Store Link

Play Store Link

Windows Store Link

  • After installing this app, Open it and add your PC with correct configuration. You will need the password that you set in VLC here.
  • Now, Connect and start controlling VLC from your smartphone.
  • Alternatively, You can tap on Auto connect.
  • You will be asked to give password. Just give the password that you set in VLC preference window.
  • That’s it. You can now control VLC media player on PC or Mac from your smartphone.

Note: If auto-connect doesn’t work, Download the VMR for your PC or Mac from here: and install. Then run and try again.

This is an excellent app. But, Only limited features are free. The full version costs 5.99 US dollars. But, This will unlock so many features. You will definitely like these features.

Control PC’s VLC Media Player by Using “VLC Remote Free”:

This app is only available on android phones and iPhones. So, Windows phone users can skip it.

  • At first, Click here to download and install this app from play store. Click here to download from app store.
  • Now, Open this app.
  • Then, Tap on Add computer. Now, You may be asked to give pass code. But, You tap on Add manually. Because, Automatic method may require one more third-party software in your PC. You may not like it.
  • Now, Just type your PC name and give its local IP address. Typically, The IP address starts with 192.168….. If you don’t know your local ip, Just open command prompt in your PC, type ipconfig and hit enter. It will show you the IPv4 address of your PC.
  • After saving the settings, You can start using it. When you just tap on the PC name from the app, It will ask you a password. In that time, You will have to provide the password you have set in VLC. Then tap on OK.
  • Now, You can control VLC media player on PC by your android phone. Even, You can browse your PC contents and play with VLC by controlling everything from your mobile phone.

All VLC remote controller apps are similar in functionality. You can use any of these apps easily like the two I have described. If you know any other better ways that help to control the VLC PC or Mac version remotely from a smartphone, You can definitely share it in the comment box.

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