iMyFone LockWiper for Android Review

If you want an Android PassCode remover and Google FRP Lock Remover, this LockWiper for Android review is for you. This review will give you some important information about this unlocking software.

Are you unable to access your Android phone because you have forgotten the passcode or pattern? Can’t you access your Android phone because it’s asking to login into your old Google Account? For this type of situation, tools like LockWiper help. And this is a LockWiper for Android review. Here you will know all the important information about it including pros, cons, and pricing.

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iMyFone LockWiper for Android Review with Details

LockWiper is a lock remover software that can remove various locks from your Android Phone. It has a version for iPhones too. But, We are only focusing on the Android edition. This software can remove any type of passcode lock from your Android devices. For specific models, it also can remove Google Lock (FRP).

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iMyFone LockWiper for Android
Publisher: iMyFone
Platform: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
Price: $29.95
Our Score: 4.2/5

Can Remove Passcode SafelyGoogle FRP Lock Removal is Only Available for Samsung Devices
Can Remove Google Account Verification/Google FRP LockNot Free
For Samsung Devices, Passcode can be Removed without Data Loss
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Screen Locks Remover (With/Without Dataloss)

One of the most common problems is many users forget the screen passcode of their Android devices. It throws the user in a very uncomfortable situation. It is also not possible to reset the device in the normal way without the passcode. In this type of case, LockWiper’s screen lock remover can save you. If you have a Samsung phone, there is a good chance that the whole process is possible without data loss. But, For the rest of the users, LockWiper will remove the lock by erasing the device.

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Google Lock Remover (FRP)

One of the most annoying situations you can face is Google Lock. It may happen that for some reason you are unable to access your Google Account. You have reset your Android and it’s asking you to log in with your previous Google account to unlock the device. Google often doesn’t let you access your account even if you try to reset the password with your Phone number. That is for security purposes. But, In some situations, it brings extreme disadvantages for some less tech-savvy users. In this type of situation, Samsung users can use LockWiper for Android. This tool can remove this type of Google Lock easily without any problem. However, It applies to only the supported models.

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LockWiper for Android UI, Performance and Other Details:

The User interface of LockWiper is very minimalistic and user-friendly. It is very easy to use. In fact, You can unlock an Android phone with just a few clicks. You won’t have to go through tutorials to use this software. However, there is no dark mode. So, You are limited to the light-colored UI. It can be a reason for disappointment if you are a dark mode lover.

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Performance-wise, LockWiper for Android is very smooth and responsive. In my test, I have not found any bugs or errors related to the performance or anything.

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Unlocking a device is very easy. Just connect your Android Phone with your PC with the appropriate cable. Open the LockWiper and choose your preferred unlocking method. To do this process, LockWiper will download firmware for your device model. It may take a while depending on your internet speed.

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After downloading the firmware, the actual unlocking process begins. It may take a bit of time. If it can unlock successfully, you will get a success message.

Overall, LockWiper for Android will give you a great experience. Especially, For Samsung users, it is a very good choice. However, If your device is not in the supported list, you will be limited to the screen unlocking facilities only as the FRP removing works only for specific models. That is only the major downside of this software.

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LockWiper for Android is premium software. You can’t use it without a license key. The pricing starts at $29.95 USD. However, That is for one month. But, You can get it at just $39.95 for a year. The yearly and monthly licenses are limited to 1 Android device only. There is a lifetime version that costs just $59.95 and can be used for up to 5 devices. One good thing is, you can download and install this software at no cost. You will only need a license key when you want to unlock your device. It is a great thing as you can get an idea about this application before purchasing. For your convenience, here are the full pricing details.

PriceValidityNumber for Devices
$29.951 Month1
$39.951 Year1

Final Verdict:

If you already have read this LockWiper for Android review article, you may have a good understanding of this product. Now, You can easily understand if it is for you or not. I suggest you try it first and if you think it will be a good option, you can purchase it. In my sense, it is a legit android unlocker tool. I don’t have any problem recommending LockWiper for Android.

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