Health Risks of Wifi?

Are you concerned about your Wi-Fi’s radiation? Are there any health risks of WiFi? If yes, go through this article to find some important answers.

WiFi is a modern network technology that uses radio signals to connect phones, computers, laptops, and other devices to the internet. Router converts radio signals into mobile data and connects with a closure device. Nowadays, most of our work, study, research all depend online. And wifi gives us better service than mobile data. That’s why we are using WiFi most of the time. Whereas, we all know that radio waves are harmful to human health. As wifi also works with radio waves. What do you think? Are there any health risks of WiFi?

In the rest of the article, we mentioned the possible health risks of WiFi and ways to overcome them.

Does WiFi Harm Your Health?

Though some scientists do not completely agree with this statement that WiFi can harm your health. But a large number of scientists do several research and experiments on animals. And they agree that wifi radiation has a huge bad impact and WiFi can harm your health. Mainly it depends on the strength of the signal and how close your body is to a WiFi-enabled device. The more you use strengthful WiFi, the more radiation your body absorbs. And it’s the cause of many types of health diseases. It has a very bad impact on the human body as well as lungs and brain function. Children are mainly affected by it. WiFi impairs cell growth and child development.

What Types of Health Risks WiFi Can Cause?

We have already mentioned that the high radiation of WiFi can cause many types of diseases. Here we will point out some noticeable health risks.

1. Sperm Infertility

As WiFi diffuses radio waves it can be a cause of health risk. Researchers guess that it can also make an impact on male fertility. So they researched in 2015. They researched 1000 men who used WiFi and wired internet. In the end, the results were shocking. The men who used WiFi had less growth of sperm than wired internet users.

Though, researchers weren’t sure that it’s the only cause of WiFi. Also, it can be the cause of the smoke. Somehow, they didn’t ask the participants about smoking. But there is a huge possibility of men’s infertility because of Wifi.

2. Brain Functions Abnormality

WiFi’s high radio waves also can make an impact on Brain function. Mainly the young children mostly affected by this radiation. It can make a negative change in their behavioral aspects and emotions. Long-term 2.4 GHz RF exposure may cause negative effects such as neurological diseases caused by changes in miRNA expression levels.

3. Insomnia

If you can’t sleep well or wake up during the night, it can be because of the long-term use of WiFi.

Insomnia is a major issue among people who use WiFi late at night. Because EMF radiation from WiFi affects our sleep circle.  May you notice that you put down the phone at night but you feel depressed or frustrated. You couldn’t sleep well. Because the EMF radiation affects our brain and dismisses our sleep circle.

Most people of this generation are suffering from insomnia. Most probably, the main reason is depending on the internet and using WiFi continuously.

4. Impair Cellular Growth

WiFi radiation reduces cellular growth. It was proven that some students did a scientific experiment with some plants. They cultivate some plants in an area where there was no wifi radiation and some plants in an area where there was wifi radiation. And after some days, they noticed that the plants grew well with no wifi connection. On the other hand, the plants that absorb emitted radiation from WiFi didn’t grow well. Because WiFi impaired cellular growth.

5. Reduce Female Fertility

Like male sperm Infertility, wifi also causes reduced female fertility. WiFi’s radio waves are confined to implant eggs in the woman’s womb. It reduces fertility possibilities. It could have resulted in an abnormal or ectopic pregnancy. This would harm not just the female, but also the child’s father and the youngster himself. Abnormalities in infant development have already been discussed. Also, the high EMF radiation increases the miscarriage rate while the pregnancy period.

6. Impair Child Development

Strong WiFi like the 5GHz network of WiFi can make a huge bad impact on child development. A child couldn’t fight against the high radiation. It impacts their brain, memory as well as overall body. In 2004, research showed that wifi radio waves also cause slowed kidney development and reduce protein synthesis.

Another Swedish research has proven that regular use of mobile phones with WiFi before the age of 20 also increases the risk of brain tumors.

7. May cause of Cancer

Though it’s a controversial topic. Some of the researchers said that WiFi has a lot of health risks but they do not agree that it can cause cancer. But strong WiFi has high radiation. Many animal research results show that radiation of WiFi damages DNA cells and increases the possibility of tumors. And most of the tumors turn into cancer. So we can say that, directly or indirectly, WiFi’s radio waves may cause cancer.

8. Promote Cardiac Stress

Exposure to EMFs emitted by WiFi can increase heart rate or cause an erratic heart rate, which can be fatal. Maybe it’s not a big issue, but one day it can be the cause of a major health risk.

What You Should Do to Reduce Health Risk Related to WiFi?

There is hope that you can decrease WiFi radiation by following some steps. Then it helps to reduce health risks. These steps are-

1. Keep Distance From Router

Strong WiFi diffuses more radio waves that affect the human body. Always try to keep your distance from the router. Because from router to around 20 feet the radiation affects much, the human body absorbs this radiation. And it may cause serious health risks.

2. Turn Off WiFi at Night

Most people use a mobile phone at midnight and browse the internet for a long time. It’s a cause of insomnia. Besides, when people use WiFi for a long time and put the device close to the body it diffuses huge radiation that absorbs your body. If you are turning it off, you can effectively reduce the huge percentage of radio waves.

3. Turn On Airplane Mode

When the receivers on smartphones and tablets are turned on, they transmit an electromagnetic frequency. Exposure levels can be very high because we often use these devices very near to our bodies for long periods. In that case, airplane mode can help to reduce radiation.

Turn on it while sleeping.

4. Use Your Device Safely

Always try to keep your phone away from your body. It helps to reduce radiation. Carry it in your bag but not in your body. One research shows that a lady had a breast tumor who always carries his phone in her bra.

Also, you should prefer texting rather than a phone call. When you are calling someone tries to talk using the speaker option rather than hold your phone with an ear.

5. Avoid Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth is another factor to increase radio waves. So always turn off Bluetooth and avoid Bluetooth speakers.

6. Use a Strong Network

If you have a weak network, some phones will enhance their frequency to try to build a better connection. It diffuses more radiation. So, always try to use a good network while using a smartphone. You can limit your RF exposure by avoiding poor network connections.


In this article, we mentioned all the possible health risks of WiFi. Also, mentioned how you can overcome this dangerous radiation. You can’t stop radiation that diffuses from WiFi. But you can save yourself by following some tips. Try to follow all the steps. Limit your cell phone or laptop usage. Keep it away from your body as much as you can. And turning off WiFi and turning on Airplane Mode is a must while you are sleeping.

These help you to protect yourself from WiFi radio waves and keep yourself healthy.

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